Is MYXfitness Membership required?

Yes, Membership is required to access to MYX fitness streaming fitness content and is $29 per month, paid monthly.  Each account can have up to five users!

What does Membership include?

  • Unlimited access to hundreds of streaming workouts 
  • Heart rate zone based training integrated into each workout
  • Variety of workouts both on and off the bike taught by world-class coaches
  • MYX score assessments to measure cardiovascular fitness
  • New workouts added weekly 
  • Access to the mobile app from which you can schedule workouts and share stats
  • Five user accounts 

Membership terms

  • Membership is $29/month, paid monthly, via credit card
  • Currently there is no option to pre-pay an annual subscription
  • Membership can be cancelled by contacting [email protected]

Can I use MYX without a subscription?

Not really.  

The MYX touchscreen is only compatible with the MYXfitness app, and a membership (subscription) is required for full MYX functionality.

Since the resistance is manual you could ride without using the touchscreen, however, without an active subscription you would not receive the benefits of the MYX methodology and since the touchscreen is only MYX-app-compatible, that part of the bike would be unusable. 

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