How does purchase size affect financing eligibility?

  • Purchases under $999 are eligible for up to 12 months of financing.

  • Purchases over $999 are eligible for up to 36 months of financing.

  • Your financing terms (interest rate, down payment, etc) are subject to credit approval from Affirm.

  • Currently, Affirm cannot offer Iowa or West Virginia residents financing. We are sorry about that!

Will a credit inquiry to determine impact my credit score?

  • It's a soft inquiry, meaning not a hard inquiry that could affect your credit score.

If I finance, when is my first payment?

  • First payment is due 30 days from your initial Affirm approval. 

  • NOTE: Please be advised that if your delivery estimation is longer than 4 weeks, you will be making your first payment before your MYX arrives.

  • You will receive an email with an invoice to approve your first payment.  You will also receive a bill in the mail.

  • Subsequent payments can be made to Affirm through auto-draft or online.

How can I learn about my financing eligibility?

I have questions about my financing rate

  • Please contact Affirm to discuss specifics about your financing terms, since that agreement is through Affirm our team is unable to advise.

Check out the Affirm fine print here.

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