What’s MYX Media?

MYX Media is a portal on your touchscreen where you’ll be able to access a wide variety of content beyond workouts to help you get informed, or just escape. Currently, this is only available on the touchscreen.

Scenic Rides

You asked, we listened! Journey far and wide to bucket list locations around the globe. Clip in for passport-free rides across New Zealand, the Pacific Northwest, Northern Italy, and more.

Mat Chat

In each episode of this MYXfitness original video interview series, our coaches do a quick deep-dive with fitness, health and wellness experts to bring you tips and tricks that will help you feel great from every angle.

Coach Diaries

Join our coaches as they reveal a personal obstacle they've encountered in their life — like body image, sobriety, divorce, and anxiety — and how fitness and exercise helped them overcome it and thrive.


With so much information out there, it’s hard to keep up, especially given the busy lives we lead. While you work out, Newsy gives you the news of the day in an unbiased way. Just the facts, no opinions.

Still curious? Find out more about MYX Media here.

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