MYX believes the most important measure of fitness is your cardiovascular fitness, so that is why our primary metrics are heart rate-related. MYX does not track speed, distance or cadence. MYX is focused on cardiovascular fitness metrics and utilizes manual resistance, and the metrics we revolve around are heart rate and calories burned.

  • MYXfitness utilizes proprietary heart rate zone training and a breadth of cross-training workouts on and off the bike, so you’ll maximize exercise benefits while minimizing the risk of fatigue and overuse injury. 

  • Our Zone Calibration Ride measures your current cardiovascular fitness level, and gives you customized heart rate zones so you can work out smarter.

  • You'll see calories burned on the screen, and our trainers guide you through which heart rate zone you should strive to be in. 

  • If you're wearing your heart rate monitor, you'll see current heart rate and zone metrics as well.

  • The resistance knob on the bike is manual, to give maximum control over what is right for you in that moment.  Our trainers help guide you to manage your resistance what you feel together with perceived exertion cues and by referencing the MYX heart rate zones.  

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