It’s very common for people to measure how fit they are by the way they look, how hard or even how much they work out. But, the real measure of how fit you are goes a bit deeper than that. In fact, it’s your heart rate that tells you how fit you are and MYXfitness makes it easy for you because we integrate heart rate training into everything we do!

Despite all other metrics (amount of weight lifted, sets and reps, RPM, distance, power) it’s what your heart is doing before, during and after exercise that sums up how fit you are and how much fitter you get over time.

At MYX, we build custom heart rate zones, just for you, when you complete your MYX Mark Assessment. We build these zones using information from your profile, combined with the heart rate data we collect throughout your MYX Mark Assessment. Together, this information creates the three Heart Rate Zones that you will see and use when you work out with our MYX Coaches.

We keep it simple, by using only 3 Heart Rate Zones and, as each one is personalized just for you, these zones enable you to work out as efficiently and effectively as possible.


  • Light to moderate intensity
  • Very sustainable- like you could be there for hours
  • For active recovery and many of the mindful practices in your MYX Library


  • Moderate to hard intensity
  • Includes “the fat burning zone” but also takes you to almost to your lactate threshold
  • When you work out with MYX, you’ll get to know your ZONE 2 really well!


  • The zone where high intensity and maximum effort live
  • Sustainable only for very short bouts of time
  • Increases your ability to utilize oxygen better
  • Burns calories the fastest

The more you work out with MYX, the more familiar and comfortable you will get utilizing and understanding heart rate zone training and how it feels to gauge your fitness with the most accurate measurement. We encourage you to re-take your MYX Mark assessment every 6-8 weeks so you keep your heart rate zones accurately customized. There is no magic wand or special potion to help you get fit and feel energized. Instead knowledge is power, and MYX Fitness will arm you with the knowledge, workouts and coaching you need to get real fitness results.

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