What is the MYX Score?

Do I have to take it?

No!  You can still take any MYXfitness workout without a MYX Score.

Only take the assessment if you are comfortable pushing your heart rate to its max; therefore it is not recommended for any one pregnant or generally uncomfortable with pushing their heart rate to a high level.  Please consult your doctor before beginning any new fitness regimen!

About the MYX Score Assessment  

In this 20 minute workout, you’ll first do a breathing exercise to lower your heart rate, and then progressively build and lower intensity to help us learn your max and recovery heart rates.  We adjust the data for age.  

A minimum starting heart rate of 80 BPM or less is required to begin the assessment workout. If your heart rate is too high, please try a breathing exercise or one of our meditations to lower it, or try again later. 

After taking the Assessment, your zones customize a bit further for your cardiovascualr fitness level.  Note that zones are initially customized by age, and just refined a bit further after taking the Assessment.

It’s critical you follow the coach's intensity directions for accurate data!

About the MYX Score

There is no good or bad score - it's a metric to gauge cardiovascular fitness, and a baseline metric for you to measure progress over time.  Your only competition is yourself!

Retake the MYX Assessment every six weeks to monitor progress.

Optimal Test Conditions

 We recommend testing first thing in the morning when you’re well rested and haven't consumed much caffeine or food, for an accurate baseline resting heart rate.

It's important to follow the coach's intensity instructions throughout the full twenty minutes as an algorithm is used to calculate the MYX Score.  If you see dramatic swings in your MYX score, it's most likely due to intensity instructions not being followed.  Please try again and make sure to listen to the coach's zone instructions as well as replicate the conditions of your other tests (time of day, if you had caffeine, etc.)

How Often to Take the Assessment

With consistent exercise you should see an improvement in cardiovascular health every six weeks, so we suggest re-testing that often.

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