1. Once you purchase your MYX, it is processed in the XPO logistics system, which begins the delivery process. 
  2. Once your MYX leaves our main distribution facility in New Jersey, it travels throughout different warehouses in the logistical network to a warehouse near where you live. 
  3. Once your MYX arrives at a warehouse near you (or, last mile hub), within 24 hours of its arrival, you will be contacted to schedule delivery. 
  4. Once you’re contacted to schedule delivery, you should receive your MYX very soon after. Delivery is contingent on two primary factors: 1) your availability to receive your MYX and 2) your exact proximity to the last mile hub.
  5. Once you’ve selected your delivery date you will be contacted the night before to select a time window for your delivery.
  6. On delivery day, the XPO delivery team will call you while they’re en route at least 30-50 minutes away.
  7. If you have any questions or concerns about your delivery, please call XPO customer service at: 1-800-883-4593 or email them at: [email protected].
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