When you receive your MYX, please follow these simple steps.

You will find your power cord inside your tablet's box. The power cord consists of 2 pieces: a wall plug & a power brick

  1. Connect your wall plug cord into the power brick.

  2. This combination now plugs in underneath the flywheel, which is located on the front of your MYX.

  3. After mounting your tablet, there is an existing cord coming out of the handlebar post. Thread the small end of the power cord from the bottom of the mounting arm to the hole at the bend in the arm. Pull the wire through the hole and connect to the touchscreen, allowing 8-10” of slack so your tablet can swivel freely.

  4. Plug your MYX power cord plug into a grounded 120V outlet.

  5. Once you've successfully plugged in your MYX, Please follow the"Quick Start" instructions located on your MYX tablet.

  6. Enjoy your MYX!

Tips for how to move your MYX and mount the touchscreen:

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