Our mission is to deliver a simpler, smarter way for all people to make fitness part of their daily life.

Now it's even easier to fit in fitness with the ability to MYX it up from anywhere: stretch outside with Joey after a run, meditate with Donna from your in-law's garden or cast one of Dyan's core workouts in your living room.

How do I stream on my iPhone or iPad?

  • First, make sure your app is updated by checking the iOS app store. We recommend making sure your apps are set to auto-update.

  • Then, tap on any workout thumbnail in our iOS app. Learn more about the workout by reading its description.

  • Tap "Workout"

  • Remember to pair your Polar heart rate monitor so you can continue to work out smarter with MYX and if you'd like, connect your Bluetooth headphones.

  • Tilt your screen horizontally or vertically to adjust the streaming views to landscape or portrait views.

  • Tap and swipe the in-workout status bar to minimize/maximize your time, heart rate and calorie metrics.

  • Because content is streamed, internet connection is required.

What log in do I use?

  • Use the account email and password from your touchscreen app.

  • If you forgot it, the main account holder can reset the password from either app's log-in screen.

What else should I know about the mobile app?

What heart rate monitor is compatible?

Can I use the MYX mobile app while my partner uses the MYX touchscreen app?

  • Yes! We know that time is precious, and sometimes the only time you have to workout coincides with the same window as your partners.

  • Up to two people can use the MYX account at the same time.

Is my iOS device compatible?

  • Supported iPhones: iPhones 8 and up

  • Supported iPads: 5th Generation and up

  • iOS 10.3+ required

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