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Cast your favorite MYX workouts on any compatible Chromecast or Apple TV device on the NEW iOS app.

Pro tip: if your partner beats you to the MYX bike, cast MYX from your living room so that you can still MYX it up when you want!

How do I cast?

  • From your iOS app, tap on the casting icon on either the workout preview or in-workout screen.

  • Choose from the available compatible casting devices your MYX app displays.

What is the casting experience like?

  • Your MYX workout will be casted on the television

  • Your MYX stats, heart rate chart and workout controls remain on the MYX iOS app screen.

How can I adjust volume during my casted workout?

Apple TV users:

  • Both trainer and music volume are transmitted to the TV.

  • Adjust music volume from your app for better trainer/music balance; the combined trainer/music volume can be controlled through your television remote.

Chromecast users:

  • Trainer volume is transmitted to the TV, and the workout music will play in your mobile device.

  • For louder music, connect to a Bluetooth speaker.

What casting devices are supported?

  • Apple TV or Chromecast-compatible devices.

  • Apple users: an Apple TV device is required to stream, the standalone Apple TV application (that allows you to watch streaming Apple entertainment) is not considered a device.

Not seeing any available casting devices?

That means that either:

  • You do not have a compatible device

  • Or if you do, it is offline or on a different wifi network. The phone and casting device must be on the same wifi network.

  • Wifi is required to stream (a Bluetooth connection alone is insufficient to stream and cast).

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