Let’s pair up!

Before trying to pair, make sure that you’ve updated the latest iOS app version to connect! Check out the steps below to connect your Apple Watch to the MYX iOS mobile app:

  • Pick out a workout on Mobile

  • Tap the Myx Fitness App on your Apple Watch

  • Select HR Monitor to pair

  • Select MYXfitness watch app

Wait to see the following prompts on your Apple Watch:

  • “Initializing”

  • “Reading heart rate data”

  • “Connected!”

  • “All set!” Current BPM

  • “You’re now connected”

  • Then, hit “Done”

Now you’re ready to start your workout, and pair your headphones (if you’d like to!).

Things to look out for

If it’s your first time selecting the MYXfitness the Apple Watch app, be sure to look out for the pop-up on your iPhone that says “Tap the MYXfitness App on your Apple Watch”). While doing this, make sure your Apple Watch screen stays while this is connecting!

Lastly, keep in mind if you have another app open that reads heart rate data at the same time, the MYXfitness app will not be able to pair. So, we suggest that you turn off all other apps.

Got any questions?

Feel free to give us a shout at [email protected] if you have any questions!

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