The MYX Mark is a benchmark number that represents your cardiovascular fitness, and is a scientifically backed way to measure your progress over time. It also gives you your customized Heart Rate Zones so you can train efficiently with MYX.

  • You get your MYX Mark by taking the Assessment workout with your heart rate monitor on.
  • We gather resting heart rate, max heart rate, and heart rate recovery data from the workout.
  • Heart Rate recovery (how fast your heart rate comes down after a strenuous workout) has always been used as a measure of cardiac health by professionals.
  • The faster the rate of recovery, the more fit you are.
  • We combine HR data with your age from your profile
  • We compare it to a database of over 20,000 users in YOUR age bracket who participated in a proven heart-specific study at the Mayo Clinic.

What is the number?

  • The MYX Mark is a number from 1 to 100 that represents your current cardiac fitness level
  • It is an approximate percentile for where you are and how much progress towards total cardiovascular health you can still make.
  • Example: A mark of 10 shows opportunity for improvement. A 60 shows above average fitness level with some opportunity for improvement.
  • It is rare to score above 75, but it is possible.
  • Any number over 100 is considered an invalid score. Here are some reasons that might occur:
  • Loss of heart rate data or connectivity
  • Not enough difference between MAX heart rate and heart rate recovery in the assessment workout
  • What to do if this happens:
  • Re-assess at your convenience, making sure your heart rate monitor stays connected to the app, has a strong wifi connection, and be sure to follow the coach instructions.

We look forward to watching your MYX Mark rise as you grow stronger and healthier with MYXfitness.

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