The MYX Mark is a number from 1 to 100, a benchmark created when you complete your MYX Zone Calibration Ride. Ideally, your MYX Mark will go up as you continue to improve your cardiovascular fitness. It helps to generate your custom heart rate zones, which are more important than the mark itself. But, it may occasionally change whenever you retake your Calibration ride based on how your body is feeling that day, and create a decreased or invalid score. Dehydration, stress, and fatigue are just a few examples of the conditions that could impact your MYX Mark. Here are some ways to troubleshoot anomalies with your MYX Mark.

Any number over 100 is considered an invalid score.

Here are some reasons that might occur:

  • Loss of heart rate data or connectivity during the MYX Zone Calibration Ride
  • Not enough difference between your MAX heart rate and heart rate recovery in the Calibration ride
  • Issues with WiFi during the Calibration ride

What to do if you get an invalid score:

  • Re-take the ride at your convenience, making sure your heart rate monitor stays connected to the app, has a strong wifi connection, and be sure to follow the coach instructions.
  • If you cannot re-assess right away, use Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) to gauge how you feel during your workouts until you are able to retake your Calibration ride. RPE is a way of measuring physical activity intensity levels. Perceived exertion is how hard you feel like your body is working. Your MYX coaches will suggest heart rate zones as well as describe how you should feel, and you can follow along with your coach based on how you are feeling.

My MYX Mark changed drastically since my previous score.

Here are some reasons that might occur:

  • You weren’t able to replicate your original resting heart rate
  • You didn’t retake the MYX Zone Calibration Ride under the same conditions as the last time.
  • Your body was tired, stressed, dehydrated, or simply having a harder time with the Calibration ride. After all, our bodies are sensitive and we can’t always control how we respond to exercise on any given day.
  • Your last score was invalid.

Your customized heart rate zones are the most important outcome of your Calibration ride. Whether you see a dramatic change in your MYX Mark or not, look at your zones, as they are the very best indicators of your cardiovascular health.

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