What is the difference between MYX Ride Levels 1, 2 and 3 ?

Level One MYX Rides are perfect for new riders or anyone who wants to revisit the basics of riding on an indoor bike with a heavy flywheel. Level One rides lay the foundation for working on the bike. They introduce proper form, how to use the resistance knob, how to approach cadence seated and standing and how to create intensity and when to use it. During a level one ride you can expect to spend quality time in and out of the saddle, allowing you to build the strength you need to be a successful indoor rider.

Level Two MYX Rides are for riders who are comfortable on the bike and are ready for some added challenges like faster flats, heavier hills and quicker transitions in and out of the saddle. A level two rider feels strong doing jumps, resistance loaded pushes and longer stretches out of the saddle. Don’t worry though, your MYX trainers will still explain proper form and technique, especially as they challenge you to push yourself.

Level Three MYX Rides are where the journey and the hard work become the primary focus. Level Three riders are fit and confident indoor cycling riders who want all challenges and only need quick reminders about proper form and technique. During any given level three ride you may find quicker jumps, resistance loaded pushes with shorter recoveries, long steep climbs and long fast flats.

What is the difference between MYX Floor workout Levels 1, 2 and 3?

Level One MYX Floor workouts are created with a beginner or someone who needs extra focus on form in mind. Level One workouts use simple, foundational exercises and introduce fitness vocabulary and proper techniques.

Level one uses longer intervals to allow for motor learning, longer transitions to allow for recovery and uses modifications as the starting point so that everyone can be successful.

Level Two floor workouts introduce compound movements in multiple planes of motion. You might have supersets or other intermediate level exercise choices or sequences in a level two workout. Your transitions between exercises or intervals will be quicker as well. Although the exercise choices will be more challenging, your MYX trainer will explain all exercises and give plenty of proper form cues and modifications.

If you are a seasoned fitness buff looking for a challenge, Level Three is where you will find it. Level Three floor workouts use compound, multiplanar exercises with quicker transitions, and your MYX trainer will assume you have a strong fitness foundation and knowledge base. Modifications for exercises may not be explained or demonstrated and the pace of the workout will be faster than other levels.

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