It is totally normal to see a delay between revving up your effort and seeing the change in heart rate reflected on your MYX touchscreen. This delay occurs for two reasons:

  1. There is an actual 3-5 second delay between your exertion during exercise and your heart rate changing. After starting your effort, your heart must first recognize that your muscles need more oxygenated blood. It responds within 3-5 seconds, and starts to increase blood flow to your muscles, which in turn causes the increase in your heart rate.

  2. Your Polar Heart Rate Monitor is connected via Bluetooth. It takes a few seconds after that 3-5 second delay in your heart’s response to send the reading from your arm to your touchscreen and display it on the monitor.

The delay could be as long as 10 seconds, but don’t worry, all of your tech is still working and reading accurately. If you experience a delay that is longer than 10 seconds, we suggest resetting your touchscreen and re-pairing your heart rate monitor.

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