What’s “In the MYX”?

For a limited time, some of your MYX coaches are partnering up with a few Instagram favorites for a new on-demand 20-minute workout series available on your touchscreen and iOS mobile app.

Can’t spare 20 minutes to work out? No sweat. We’ve created highly effective 5-minute edits available on Facebook, Instagram, and The Bright Side.

Each 5 minute workout will be available on social platforms the day the workout is released on the touchscreen. Each 5 minute workout will be released on The Bright Side every Monday.

Okay, so what are the workouts? And when can I do them?

Launching December 1st

Cardio Sculpt with @sweatsandthecity

Join Coach Lauren and @sweatsandthecity for a total-body, heart-pumping circuit workout that will leave you breathless (in a good way).

Launching December 8th

Ride and Tone with @colormecourtney

Join Coach Justin and the vibrant @colormecourtney for a cross training workout that will wake up your workout routine.

Launching December 15th

Tone and Restore with @yummertime

Join Coach Dyan and @yummertime for total body toning with an active stretch session that will keep you sweating — and smiling.

Launching January 5th

Pilates Fusion with @thehappilyeva

Join coach Kristin and @thehappilyeva for a Pilates/Barre fusion workout and helpful tips session for all the busy moms out there.

Launching January 12th

Kettlebell workout with @caralynmirand

Get your sweat on with Coach Christina and special guest @caralynmirand for an epic kettlebell workout that will hit all your muscle groups.

Where can I find these workouts on the touchscreen?

You can find each workout under “Featured Workouts,” and under each respective workout category (i.e. Ride and Tone with @colormecourtney will be under the Cross-Training tab).

You can find each workout under each respective workout category on the iOS mobile app too.


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